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Welcome to Jerome Primary School!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Amber P, Year 4, has earned a place on the Birches Valley Gymnastics Competitive Squad. Just look at all the amazing medals and certificates she has been winning! WOW Amber, this is a wonderful achievement!


Hayden S, Year 4, has been awarded player of the month due to his super attitude and effort in training sessions and league matches. Wow Hayden! Fantastic!


Amy B, Reception, gained her first tap and ballet certificates. Well done Amy! She also worked super hard taking extra dance classes with Jessica (Reception) and Lacey-Mae (Year 1) in preparation for their first competition - they won first place!! So proud of you all girls!



Emma-Mae, Year 1, gained her 5 metre swimming badge after only 10 lessons! Great work Emma!


Lucie, Year 2, swam 100 metres this week. WOW!! Amazing Lucie!


Amelia, Year 5, won Tap Dancer of the week followed by most improved Freestyler dancer. Wonderful Amelia, keep up the hard work!


Lacey-Mae, Year 1, achieved a Tap and Ballet award. Super work Lacey-Mae!


Chloe D, Year 1, gained her first award in Ballet and Tap. Well done Chloe!


Alex, Year 4, won first place Gold in the UK National Karate Championship this weekend. WOW!!!! Amazing Alex!


Ellie, Year 3, had the honour of carrying the flag for the 1st Norton Canes Beavers for the Remembrance Sunday Parade.

Fantastic Ellie!