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Welcome to Jerome Primary School!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Karate Belt

Alex in Year 3 achieved his Green Belt in karate.

Wow!! Well done Super star!!!


Swimming Award

Lucie in Year 1 has moved up to stage 5 swimming. 

Well done!!! We are all super proud!!!


Beaver Scout!!!

Alex in Year 3 was awarded 3 new badges at Beaver Scouts this week. Explore Activity Badge, Creative Activity Badge and Air Activities Stage 2 Badge. He also attended Beaver Camp last weekend at Sherratts Wood Camp in Stone. 

Well Done Super Star!!!


What a Score!!!

Hayden in Year 3 took his team to victory by scoring the only goal in the final of the plate at Wyrley Juniors football tournament.

Well Done Super Star!!!


Parents Player 2016/17

Hayden in Year 3 was awarded 'Parents player' of ther 2016/17, at Wyrley Juniors U8's presentation evening.
Well Done Super Star!!!!

Beaver of the week!

Phoebe in Year 1 has been awarded Beaver of the week at Beavers for her best behaviour and work! Doing ever so well and really trying" 

Well done Phoebe very proud of you!!!


 British Gymnastics 2017

Amber in Year 3 got a Commended Award 6 in the British gymnastics 2017. 

Well Done you Super star!!!


Red Belt

Freddie in Year 4 recently received his red belt after joining the after school club held at Jerome. He worked really hard and practiced every day, he came away with well deserved distinction. Well Done Freddie!!! 


Fire Service!

Callum and Poppy had a visit from the Fire service. They were shown all round the fire truck and looked at all the rescue equipment and were taught about fire safety.

2015-04-08_16_54_33.jpg          IMG_4339.jpg

Mascot at Wolverhampton Speedway!!

Ethan in Year 5 was recently a Mascot at Wolverhampton Speedway. He got to meet the riders, walk out with the team captain (seen below Freddie Lindgren) and watch races from the inner circle.


Yellow Belt!
Well Done to Levi in Year 2 for passing his yellow belt white stripe grading with a distinction.
Super Star!!!

Yellow Belt!!!

Finley got his Yellow belt in Karate, he passed with a merit.
Super proud of you Finley!!!   


Well Done!!

Leyshon got a trophy for good listening and working hard.
Well Done and keep it up!!!


Man Of The Match

Hayden in Year 3 was awarded Man of the Match on Sunday for displaying great commitment and fantastic effort.

WOW!!! Well Done Hayden! We are very proud of you!



Isabelle (Year 4) started learning Aikido at Kou Ki Do Kan Dojo when she was only 7 which made her the Dojo's youngest member.

Both her and Sydney (Reception) who is now the youngest member, train confidently with children and grown ups on Thursday nights.

WOW! Very proud of you girls! 


Swimming Badge

Harley in Reception has obtained his 10m swimming badge.

Super proud of him!

Well Done Harley!!!