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Welcome to Jerome Primary School!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Kyla, Y4, came 5th in her first ever dance competition, The British National! Wow Kyla, fantastic!


Hayden, Y5, achieved the Chief Scout Silver Award, the top award for Cub Scouts! Well done Hayden, a super achievement!


Daisy, Y3, raised £263.46 for charity by sitting in a bath of slime for 2 hours singing songs from 'The Greatest Showman'. She completed this challenge in public at Morrisons in Aldridge! WOW Daisy what a super thing to do, we are so proud of you!


Lacey-Mae, Y2, has been awarded with 'Star of the Term' at her dance school. What a wonderful achievement Lacey-Mae!


Chloe, Y2, achieved her Stage 2 award for Tap and Ballet. Fantastic Chloe!


Amy, Y1, has achieved even more awards for her Tap and Ballet as well as numerous trophies and medals in fast and slow dance at recent competitions. You are simply amazing Amy!


Amelia, Y6, and Amber, Y5, are superstar dancers. Amelia achieved two 4th places and two 5th places in both fast and slow dances. Amber achieved three 1st places, one 3rd place and one 4th place and has moved up to starter grade. We are so proud of you both!