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Welcome to Jerome Primary School!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Lacey-Mae, Year 1, achieved a Tap and Ballet award. Super work Lacey-Mae!


Chloe D, Year 1, gained her first award in Ballet and Tap. Well done Chloe!


Alex, Year 4, won first place Gold in the UK National Karate Championship this weekend. WOW!!!! Amazing Alex!


Ellie, Year 3, had the honour of carrying the flag for the 1st Norton Canes Beavers for the Remembrance Sunday Parade.

Fantastic Ellie!


Amber, Year 4, placed 8th out of 110 in her British Level 5 Gymnastic competition. She also won dancer of the week. WOW Amber this is truly amazing!


Ethan, Year 6, has completed 8 grading's in Kickboxing and tonight received his Brown Belt after 15 months of hard work & dedication. What a superstar!


Chloe, Year 2, swam a whole length without armbands! Amazing Chloe, and it was on your first try too!

Amie-Grace, Year 6, completed the Lichfield Fun Run. She ran 2 kilometres in 12 minutes. WOW! What a star!