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Welcome to Jerome Primary School!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Summer, Reception, has gained her 25m swimming badge. What a superstar!


Lucie, Year 3, completed her 800m swimming badge and her stage 6! This is amazing Lucie, we are so proud of you!


Marietza, Evie, Grace, Poppy and Isla from Reception and Nursery, performed wonderfully as part of the Schools Out Showcase with M3 Studios. We are so proud of them all! 


Finley, Year 5, achieved his 600m swimming badge, a huge 24 lengths! A super effort Finley!


Hayden, Year 5, has been chosen as a Sixer in cubs. The Sixer takes on the responsibility for 'looking after' the six cubs in his pack. We are so proud of you Hayden, well done!


Amy, Year 1, has gained Proficiency Awards Level 7 and 8 for her Gymnastics. Well done Amy, what a superstar!


Amelia, Year 6, made her first final in 'Fast' dance and placed 4th! What a wonderful achievement, amazing!


Chloe, Year 2, took part in 'Fearless', a show that involved several dance schools from the area. It was performed on stage at the Lichfield Garrick. Fantastic Chloe!

Ryan, Year 5, completed an STA Junior Lifeguard Course. What an important skill to learn Ryan, well done!


Alfie F, Reception, achieved his 50m swimming badge this week. Fantastic Alfie, what a superstar!


Kara, Reception, has achieved her Puffin Badge and Stage 1 in swimming. Well done Kara, we are so proud of you!


Amber, Year 5, received 3 awards and a trophy for her Gymnastics this year. She also achieved 'Best Presentation' in her group. Fantastic Amber, we are so proud of you!