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Sports Premium


Our Physical Education Vision:

At Jerome Primary we strive to provide an exciting Physical Education curriculum that our pupils can enjoy and will enables all pupils to achieve success.

We aim to inspire our children to participate in regular physical activity and/or competitive sport, which will continue throughout their lives and for them to value an active lifestyle.

We hope to instil into our pupils the spirit of true sportsmanship: honesty, teamwork, respect, self-belief, passion and determination and continue with the school ethos of ‘Forever Forward.’

Impact of funding so far at Jerome:

  •     New playground equipment for lunchtimes.
  •     New and better equipment to use in lessons and after school clubs.
  •     A wide range of new equipment for children in Early Years.
  •     Introduction of Early Years P.E programme.
  •     Introduction of a new scheme of work.
  •     Direct intervention to support specific in physical education with evidence of impact.
  •     Directly employ sports coaches to deliver the PE curriculum across the school and to provide more opportunities for sports clubs and local competition.
  •     Provide opportunities for our pupils to engage in sporting activities during school holidays.
  •     I-pads to support reflection and self-assessment of progress within physical education.
  •     Introduced a range of teams for the school in more than four areas including: football, hand ball, rugby,

In the near future we will be spending money on:

  •      Training days and courses for teachers to help us to provide even better P.E lessons.
  •     Extra sports provision for KS1.
  •     Training for sports leaders, play leaders and lunchtime supervisors to enable us to provide quality lunchtime and playtime activities for all pupils.
  •     Youth Sport Membership to enable us to have access to current training and resources.
  •     Constant communication with progressive sports to ensure any updates are actioned with physical education at Jerome Primary.

 What effect has this already had on participation of sports?

  •     The profile of P.E and sport has been raised within school.
  •     The number of children attending each of our extra-curricular sports clubs has increased again this year both during school and school holidays.
  •     We are running extra clubs after school.
  •     We have appointed children to be Sports Leaders who run clubs on the playground for example Skipping, Tri-Golf, Basketball, Football and Multi-Skills to enable pupils to take part in physical activity more regularly.
  •     We have introduced more intra-school competitions (Skipping, Target games, Football, Netball, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Gymnastics and Rounder's). This has enabled more pupils to take part in competitive sport.
  •     We have been able to take two or three teams to several events instead of just one.
  •     This year we have continued to enter extra leagues, for example the Cannock leagues for Football and Netball.
  •     We have been able to play more friendly matches against other schools in a range of different sports which has inspired the children.
  • We have gained our 'Gold School Games Mark' award.

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