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Partnership with Parents

At Jerome Primary School we firmly believe that effective partnerships with parents play a vital role in the education of our children.
We support these partnerships in the following ways;
  • We have an 'Open Door' policy.
  • A learning platform
  • A brand new website.
  • All children attending Jerome have a Learning Journal in which any relevant information such as curriculum information and top tips to support children's learning as well as communications between home and school are stored.
  • We welcome parents and carers into school for our 'Share a Story' sessions
  • Parental workshops
  • Celebration evenings
  • Celebration assemblies
  • Curriculum meetings regarding ways in which parents and carers can support learning at home.
  • Texts home
  • Certificates
  • Parents evenings and welcome meetings
  • Working parties - we encourage Parents and Carers to come into school to help with environmental tasks.
  • Newsletters and 'Let's Learn' sheets
  • PTA meetings
  • Questionnaires
  • Homework feedback forms
  • Our Hip Hip hHooray email address - used for Parents and carers to share their children's WOW moments.
  • Parental assessments - used for parents to comment on learning in the EYFS