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YEAR 6 at Condover 2017

Day 4

Well what a jam packed day we have had. We were up early again after a super sleep, ready to start our activities . After a scrummy breakfast, we headed for a day of , abseiling, wet and wacky, team challenges, survival skills and fencing. All the children loved wet and wacky, completing team races and getting to splash each other...all the teachers took great joy in splashing the children and getting revenge for the sleepless nights by pouring cold water over them. Although the children soon had their own back and pushed Miss Heggadon and Mr Molyneux into the pool...fully dressed! They were delighted with themselves! When they were all dry and warm they enjoyed a dinner of chicken dippers, pasta, pizza and waffles, yum yum! We are now heading to our year 6 disco to show off our dance moves, we will let you know how our dance off went and who won. Thank you to Mrs Bishop who has enjoyed her week with us and to Mrs Sarginson who came to visit for the last two days. Well it's over and out from us and we are looking forward to our last night together , see you all tomorrow and get ready for some big hugs xx night night all xx


Day 3 and it's been another fantastic, action packed day. After an early night last night, all had a fantastic night sleep. Looking much more rested, it was up early for a nice cooked breakfast. Activities today have included zorbing, vortex, archery and a mini Olympics. The children had a brilliant time bowling each other over during zorbing, which got quite competitive... We hope you have your washing machines at the ready, as the children thoroughly enjoyed rolling in the mud. During archery the children showed off some real talent... Becoming coaches for the less talented teachers. Some groups then went on to complete their abseil, showing true bravery and determination, making us all very proud. Dinner was a yummy feast of sausage mash and peas or fish fingers, finished off with strawberry ice cream, much to the children's delight. We are now all settling down for another good nights sleep. Lots of the girls have wished you a good night and sent their love to you through the moon. It's over and out from us, love year 6.


First night at Condover and we've all survived... A little tired, but very happy! Our second day started nice and early with some eager boys, ready to go after a nice nights sleep. Unsurprisingly, the girls were a little later due to their gossiping the night before. It's been a jam packed day with a James Bond style laser maze, climbing, fencing and rocket launch to name just a few! All the children have done fantastically and made us really proud, especially during climbing, with 5 children getting to the very top!! We had a delicious dinner of burger and chips and a doughnut...or 2... or 3, yum! Then finished off the night with a mysterious game of cluedo, where we had to complete challenges to gain clues. A huge thank you to Mrs Jones and Mrs Robinson for a lovely visit this evening, the kids were overjoyed and miss them already. Finally, after our action packed day were settling down for another good night sleep (we hope). All the children are exhausted after such an exciting day. Over and out, love year six.

Due to difficulties with wifi connection we can only add limited photos. Please bear with us, we will upload more ASAP.

Our first day at Condover has been fantastic! We arrived safely and quickly settled into our dorms. After a tour around the grounds, we went straight into our first activity...lazer quest! Everyone had fun and found out that Miss Heggadon and Mrs Ball are very skilled with a lazer gun, challenging the children to a shoot off. After we had a scrumptious dinner of meatballs, pasta, rice and chicken. It was then time for a sing song, stories and talent show around the camp fire... We could definitely give X factor a run for it's money! The children are now getting ready in their pjs for a good night sleep (hopefully!). We'll keep you posted on our adventures, so watch this space! Goodnight, love Year 6.



Year Four @ Condover Hall 2017

I would like to say a huge Well Done to my gorgeous Year 4 class for their time at Condover Hall. They have made me very proud with their outstanding behaviour and excellent attitude towards participation of all activities. Every child had a go at each activity or attempted to, facing their fears and challenging themselves. Super Proud of you all and I'm extremely blessed to call you my class.

Also a massive thank you to Miss Norman and Mrs Poxon for looking after us day and night and making our trip even more wonderful. You are both Fabaroonie!!!!
A special mention to Mrs Sarginson and Mrs Taylor who also came and spent some time with us. Thank you both!


Day 3

Final day at Condover. The day began at a much later time of 7.00am as the children were not very keen to get up early. We went down to breakfast in our pyjamas. Once we finished our last yummy breakfast, it was time to pack and clear our dorms. Children completed their final day activities which included ‘Wet and Wacky’, ‘Body Zorbing’ and ‘Buggy Building’. Lastly, we were presented with certificates before we said farewell to Condover Hall.

Signing out, Miss Kausar.

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Day 2

Well our second day of fun started early (5.45am to be precise) thanks to some very keen boys.  A scrumptious breakfast was served consisting of scrambled eggs, fresh waffles with syrup, bacon, toast and beans (Yummy) With a hearty breakfast inside them, the children were rearing to go with the mornings first set of activities. The activities included Buggy Building where the children's teamwork  and resilience was put to the test. The second exciting activity was 'Laser Conquest' which the children loved. Surprising how competitive children and staff got once handed a laser gun (LOL) Thank goodness they got to cool off in the 'Wet and Wacky' next. Evening meal was fine dining at it's best with a 14 hour slow cooked beef as well as our all time favourite pizza followed by Condover's finest dessert banofee cake. We ended the day with a traditional camp fire, our Year 4's got to show off their talent from comical dog trainers to impressionists. Although the impression of Miss Kausar was uncanny to say the least. By 10.30pm it was 'Peace at last' we were all fast asleep zzzzz.

I bid Goodnight from Condover.

Signing out, Miss Kausar.

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Day 1

First day at Condover has been fantastic! We all arrived safely and the children were very excited to settle in to their dorms. After unpacking their bags it was off to our first activities of the day which were Abseiling, Initiative Exercises and Body Zorbing.  After the fun activities we went to the shop and brought goodies, slushies being a very popular option (Yummy) Next it was off for dinner which was 'sausages and mash' and ice cream for dessert. Our final activity was 'Egg Protector' which was a team building task where the children had to work together to protect their egg. Children and staff had great fun especially Mrs Poxon who got to show off her hockey skills as she tested the strength of the boxes protecting the eggs (Children not so impressed) Then it was back to the dorms to get ready for bedtime and finally at 11.00pm it is all silent as the last child has fallen asleep (Phew)

Night night from Condover.

Signing out, Miss Kausar.

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I would like to say a massive thank you to all of Year 6 children after returning from their residential week at Condover Hall. Every one of them behaved superbly all week and were very kind, polite and caring to each other, the instructors and staff, and to other children who they engaged with. They all had a wonderful time, taking part in activities they may not have tried before and overcoming challenges and fears along the way. I was proud to accompany and be part of them and the way they represented Jerome Primary School should be applauded.

A huge thank you should also be given to Mrs Ball, Mrs Jones and Mrs Lee-Davis for their professionalism, dedication and care that they all give to the children and the school. Without them giving up their week, these residential trips would not be able to take place and the children would miss out on the wonderful experience and memories I'm sure they have all made.

Mr I Molyneux (Governor)




Year 6 at Condover 2016.

Day 4

After another brilliant night sleep we went down for an early breakfast. With full tummies again we started another active day, fencing, archery, survival, rocket launch, circus skills, abseiling and team challenges. The children had chicken nuggets for lunch and sausage and mash for tea (delicious). The children are finishing off the evening with mini olympics then off for an early night as we are all very sleepy (including me!). I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mrs Jones, Mrs Lee-Davis and Mr Molyneux for supporting myself and the children this week. I also would like to say your children have been a pleasure to be with this week. I have seen each and every child's different character and personality and I am looking forward to the rest of my time with them in year 6. This has really been a team building experience for us all. All children have experienced new challenges and most of all had lots of fun ( including me). I am proud to be their teacher and they have been a credit to you all.
Signing off for the last time, see you all tomorrow and I hope you have got your washing machines at the ready!! Mrs Ball


Day 3

Well, after a super nights sleep, ( 8 hours to be exact !) we woke up very refreshed ready for another amazing day. Another cooked breakfast was had by all, then the fun started. The children started off with a sing song to their daily activities which were, wet and wacky, low ropes, archery, fencing, survival and circus skills. The most impressive activity of all was the aerial trek. This really conquered the children's fear of heights, we are really proud of how many children succeeded and challenged themselves to complete the course. It was an honour to see the encouragement and care had by all children and to see their team building and friendships grow. We finished off the day altogether with a silent disco (All children had earphones and danced to music of their choice). This was really funny to watch and the children enjoyed showing us their (Unique) dance moves. We are all back at the room ready for a well deserved sleep due to another hectic day. A big thank you to Mrs Jones who has looked after us this week and has made it very special, but has now returned home to a nice comfy bed!
Signing out, Mrs Ball

Day 2

After a late night, we had an early rise (5 am, by the boys raring to go!!). First stop was a lovely cooked breakfast ready for the busy day ahead. We have taken part in many activities today such as, rock climbing, zorbing, wet and wacky, lazer maze and ending with a sing along (Talent show!) around a campfire in the woods at the end of the night. I am very proud of all the children in year 6, they have been fun, encouraging each other and conquering their fears and most of all, their behavior has been outstanding. Another lovely day had with my year 6's. 

Night Night.