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Condover Hall

Year 4, 2019

After an exciting journey, the children were ready to start their adventures at Condover. The food was scrummy and the instructors were lovely. Throughout our three days the children experienced lots of new adventures such as: rock climbing, abseiling, launching rockets, sensory trails and lots more. Mrs Ball, Mrs Lee-Davies and Mr Molyneux were very proud of all the children. Their behaviour was impeccable; their team work was outstanding and their positivity was electric. Well done Year 4, you have been amazing!2741.jpg2742.jpg2749.jpg2760.jpg2769.jpg2772.jpg2777.jpg2784.jpg2785.jpg2798.jpg2800.jpg2812.jpg2846.jpg2847.jpg2849.jpg2851.jpg2856.jpg2860.jpg3307.jpg3308.jpg3312.jpg3313.jpg3316.jpg3318.jpg3322.jpg3328.jpg3329.jpg3332.jpg3334.jpg3342.jpg3344.jpg3359.jpg3418.jpg3419.jpg3430.jpg2866.jpg2867.jpg2869.jpg2870.jpg2871.jpg2873.jpg

Day 1: Monday 5th November 

After a loud and excitable coach ride, we arrived safe and sound at Condover Hall. The children were shown to the dorms and were fantastic at quickly unpacking their cases in competition to be the best dorm. After settling in, it was time for our first activity; group 1 got mucky in buggy building, group 2 enjoyed orienteering and group 3 bonded over team challenges.

In buggy building, the children amazed the group leader as they managed to apply all the skills they had learnt from their year 4 visit. They worked as a team, learnt to tie different types of knots and showed their competitive edge in races. However, after a couple of races a few ended up in the mud as their buggy fell apart!

In orienteering the children put their map reading skills to the test. Working in pairs they explored the grounds looking for hidden stamps. There were a few red faces and puffed out children by the end! Hopefully it will help them sleep well tonight.

Taking on various challenges, group 3 were tested in their team work. They had to work in pairs and groups to complete the tasks they were set; it was fantastic to see the children working with different friends...they would be pros at taking on the crystal maze! 

We went straight to fill our bellies with a delicious dinner of chicken and rice or spag bol with garlic bread and caramel mousse for pudding. All children cleared their plates, with many of the boys sneaking up for second puddings!

After a relax back at the dorms for an hour, the children are finishing the night with an egg protector challenge. Let's see which team are the first to break theirs!

Hopefully they've warn themselves out and we'll get at least a little sleep... Wishful thinking I suspect!  






Day 2: Tuesday 6th November

This morning started with an extra early alarm for a 7 o'clock breakfast! A few children were a little weary after their late nights, but everyone was still in good spirits. A cooked breakfast got us ready for a busy day of activities.

Today's activities included climbing, initiative exercises, archery, buggy building and orienteering. 

All of the teachers were incredibly proud watching the determination and bravery of each group in turn, tackling the climbing wall. Some children, that were a little nervous before the activity, surpassed their own expectations; in fact over half of the class reached the very top... Far braver than the teachers!

Throughout the day the children had a great time having a go at archery. I think we have a few Robin Hoods in the making! The children played various games shooting at targets, trying to hit each colour or hitting the bullseye. 

Lunch was a hit today with a choice of sausage rolls, wedges,and jacket potatoes, finished off with a healthy fruit pudding. Full and happy, the children returned to their dorms, eager to find out who had achieved team points throughout the  morning for acts of bravery, kindness, determination and helpful acts. Currently the Drama Llama dorm is in the lead, closely followed by The Silly Eight (as you can tell the children were in charge of dorm names!)

After lunch the activities continued. We ended up with many muddy boys after buggy building, a team  of warriors after archery tag and lots of warn out children after initiative exercises and team work. 

Tired from their busy day the children eagerly tucked into a dinner of burgers and chips or chicken, noodles and black bean sauce; although I have to say, the hit of the night was the doughnut pudding. Yum!

The evening has ended with songs and games around the campfire. They're such a great class for performing; they loved every second!

We're hoping for an early night tonight as we have lots of warn out, but very happy children ready for another day of adventure tomorrow! 

Good night from year 6 sending lots of hugs!

Unfortunately due to poor internet connection we have not been able to upload many photos tonight. We will put more photos on from today ASAP.



Wednesday 7th November

I think today has been the most action packed yet! It started with another 7.00am breakfast. We trooped 30 sleepy children down to the dining hall, but after a breakfast of chocolate croissants or egg and beans, they were soon full of energy again.

The day started with the scariest activity at Condover...the aerial trek. The aerial trek is a 6 metre high course of 9 challenges, including cross ropes, bridges and tunnels. It takes real bravery and determination to complete the whole course, but our children were up to the challenge. Despite the windy, wet weather almost every child had a go, many shocking themselves at their achievements. We were so proud of them! The children were delighted that Mrs Sarginson visited today and saw their fantastic efforts and even joined us on the aerial trek!

The day continued with abseiling, team challenges, swimming and rocket launch. After their success on the aerial trek the abseiling seem like a walk in the park as the children sprang down the wall. There were a few unorthodox approaches I have to say, which gave the teachers great amusement.

During the rocket launch the children applied their science skills, estimating the water level and amount of pressure needed to make their bottle rocket go the highest or furthest. There were some amazing results as their rockets flew into the sky with gasps of shock from the children.

Food today included chicken and chips or cheese and onion pasties for lunch and sausage and mash or fish fingers for dinner. The children also enjoyed a trip to the shop today. They bought all sorts souvenirs; the most popular being drink bottles with slushies...we had many strange coloured tongues by lunch.

The children have ended the day with a run around quiz around the grounds,learning a little more about the house and grounds.

It's fair to say the children are well and truly exhausted tonight and are looking forward to a good nights sleep.

They miss you all very much and are sending good night hugs and wishes.

Night, night from year 6 xxx







Thursday 8th November

After a little lie in this morning, the children were looking forward to their last full day at Condover. They tucked into a breakfast of egg and bacon or waffles and syrup and got ready for the day ahead.

The day started with a whole class laser conquest. The children got into warrior mode and went into battle in the maze. It was great fun, even the teachers joined in! They worked in two teams, humans versus vampires. The humans had to avoid the vampire's laser, if they were shot three times by a vampire they would also become a deadly vampire. 

Other activities today included a mucky sensory trail, a survival skills session, a wet and wacky session in the pool and archery tag.

Sensory trail was a huge hit; the children were blindfolded and had to complete an obstacle course  including tunnels, hoops, tyres and ropes. The children had to put their faith in each other as they guided the rest of their group around. People skidded as they did their final stretch to complete the challenge. 

The children had a splash in the Condover wet and wacky pool! They all had a go at a variety of challenges and games. There were things like water polo, a relay race of fetching hoops from the bottom of the pool and lots more. Everyone enjoyed the activity. The children drenched the adults too! Towards the end of their time in the pool the children had a great laugh during their free time. The adults decided to pour cold water all over the children whilst in the pool. This was a great joke!

During survival skills the children had to learn what it would be like to live in the wilderness with wild animals and not much to protect themselves from being eaten for dinner. They also learnt what was needed to make a fire and got to make a spark of their own!

After a feast to remember they showed of their moves like Jagger in the astonishingly loud disco. Later on that evening, whilst the children were mocking the teachers, Miss Heggadon, who had moves like Michael Jackson, was doing the floss. The girls out danced the boys until Jake Silvester and Callum Burbridge arrived on the dance floor to boogie and light up the night. To finish off the night Chloe Sanders brought in some cake for all the children to enjoy as it is her birthday tomorrow. 

Tonight's blog has been written by Olivia, Gracie- May, Jake S and Gracie F.

Goodnight and we'll see you tomorrow in the next blog.

Love year 6