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Year 4’s Condover Chronicles: Day 2

At the crack of dawn, whilst the cockerel was still sleeping the children were not. They had risen majestically like a salmon on a pogo stick. Despite their best efforts to lie in, the children were filled to the brim with excitement. Whilst Mr. Groome had been dreaming of nachos and future maths lessons (true story!), the children had been fantasising about the amazing experiences that they would be partaking the next day. “This is nearly as fun as SPAG lessons!” Remarked a bewildered child, in utter astonishment. Within just a few moments the children would find this to be true…

The morning was even more packed than the children’s suitcases! It began with a mouth-watering breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans and toast that would have won Master Chef without a doubt. As excited as a seagull being given a fresh cheese sandwich, the children sped back to their dorms to brush their teeth and prepare themselves for their exhilarating, jam-packed day that lay ahead of them like a cat on a hammock. The children bounced around Condover like a frog after a bag of skittles, some children were climbing; some children were abseiling and some children were firing arrows at Mr. Groome! After more hits than an Ed Sheeran album, Mr. Groome sank to the floor thinking that he needs to give less homework! 

After more lip-smacking grub, the children retired to their dorms to discuss their favourite fronted adverbials and times tables although others decided to cleanse their palates with jammy dodgers. With more zest than a ten tonne lemon, the children relished and destroyed every task that was thrown at them like a dog playing dodge ball. Every child showed more bravery than a snowman booking a holiday to the Sahara desert, as they courageously took on every activity with some children tackling their fears head on. 

Another spectacular day was capped off by the children demonstrating their incredible athleticism and BAFTA-worthy acting as they took part in Britain’s first ‘Mini-Olympics’. The sublime sprinting speeds of the children made Usain Bolt look like a slug running through treacle as they zoomed across the open field. The children were exhausted as they crept like church mice (after a mud fight) into their rooms and placed their heads onto their perfect pillows.  What a fantastic day!

We hope you’ve had a super day too!

Love and goodnight from,

Year 4

Good morning from Year 4!


Wednesday fun and laughter!


Year 4’s Amazing Time at Condover 
As the rain clouds cleared and turned into blazing sunshine, the excited children of Year 4 arrived safely at Condover Hall. Like a mother hen in a fresh, feathery nest, the children quickly settled into their cosy dormitories. Quicker than Usain Bolt sprinting after a missed bus, the children speedily transformed their ‘blank-canvases-of-a-dorm-room’ into modern art installations and stylish spaces. With their rooms adorned by teddies, discarded trainers and futile raincoats, the children all gathered in anticipation waiting to find out which wonderful activity they would be partaking! Would it be abseiling? Would it be survival skills? They were about to find out.  
The groups were all waiting outside, tightly gathered in a huddle and a murmur of excited voices was gently simmering as Mr. Groome descended down the stairs after finally changing into ‘sports attire.’ The children were counting their blessings as they met their wonderful group leaders and discovered which exciting adventures they would be embarking upon that very day! Mr. Groome’s group would be learning how to be miniature Bear Grylls (Survival Skills); Mrs. MacMurray’s troop would be learning how to be human geckos (Wall Climbing) and Mrs. Ball’s flock of delightful children would be learning how to be a cross between batman and Tom Daley (Abseiling). How exciting! 
As Mr. Groome’s group disappeared amongst the foliage of Condover’s Forest Survival Area whilst simultaneously frightening most of Shropshire’s wildlife, the other two groups gambolled towards the imposing climbing tower. The impossibly high turret loomed over the children like a shadow. However, this was no match for the courageous children (and teachers!) as they heroically tackled the task with gusto and prowess.  According to inside sources (mainly teachers), the groups “climbed up the tower and then jumped down.” Suspecting an overwhelming sense of modesty and humbleness, a further investigation discovered that the groups clambered up the ridiculously steep tower and summoned an immense wealth of bravery to jump over the edge. Despite this being far more impressive than a cat bench pressing two tonnes, this immense courage was not the most impressive trait to shine. It was the children’s comradery and teamwork. With amazing team work that even impress a colony of ants lifting a truck, the children spurred each other on magnificently.  
Meanwhile over in the deciduous, leafy paradise (that some mortals refer to as the: Forest Survival Area), Mr. Groome’s group were working harder than a spider weaving a web out of jelly. They were learning how to make wooden shelters and start fires! As I am sure that you would agree, it is reassuring to know that these clever children are able to build a wooden lair at a second’s notice. It could be easily observed that many children had been binge-watching ‘D.I.Y.  S.O.S’ on Netflix. With palaces made of wood and tarpaulin, the children’s chests swelled with pride like a lion winning a BAFTA. It was a true spectacle to behold and local residents will surely be protesting for the dens to be named the eighth wonder of the world!  
After working up more of an appetite than a starving tiger, Mr. Groome devoured his delicious mashed potato. Mildly disgusted after watching this, the children also tucked into their scrumptious supper. Mmmmmmmm a hearty supper of sausage, mashed potato and Shropshire’s finest vegetable produce- just what the doctor ordered! Stuffed full by a truly delectable dinner, the children sauntered towards their final activity of the day: Busted! 
Like a real-life trivial pursuit, the smartest children in Staffordshire were ready to showcase their unbelievable brain power. Without breaking a sweat, the children answered question after question. Unsurprisingly, the group leaders were astounded and dazzled by the class’s knowledge of topics ranging from Carly-Rae Jepsen songs (although many are unaware if she has released multiple songs) to the moonlanding and beyond! 
After exercising our brains, the children thought it best that they should get some sleep so that they are sharp and prepared for another amazing day tomorrow! Who will be the sharpest shooter in laser quest tomorrow? Who will be a better archer than Merida (from brave)?  
As the clever, potato-filled children laid sleeping, the surprisingly energetic teachers were filled from head to toe with a sense of pride as they reflected over their adventurous day with the children. They felt so proud of how settled, enthusiastic and considerate every child was. What a wonderful day!  
We hope your day was as spectacular as ours!  
Goodnight and love from, 
Year 4