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At Jerome we value children’s all-round development and we are always keen to hear about the achievements of children outside of school which we love to celebrate with them.

With this in mind we have set up an email account solely for this purpose.

The account is for you to share any ‘Wow moments’ your child has experienced. These may include any special moments from hobbies or just times at home. Some examples might be;

  • Gaining swimming badges,
  • Being awarded badges at Beavers or Brownies,
  • Baking something fabulous or even first attempts,
  • Managing to ride their bike for the first time etc.

We would love you to write a few words about the event and please feel free to include photos. These will then be displayed proudly on our ‘Hip Hip Hooray Board.’ in school. Children will have opportunities to earn team points for their house.

The email address is: