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S.E.N.D. at Jerome

At Jerome Primary School we are committed to ensuring that each child reaches their full potential.

The Special Needs Policy meets and reflects the requirements of the Code of practice for Special Educational Needs and Disability.

We monitor the progress of pupils very carefully and if a child is recognised as having a difficulty, Mrs Ball (The Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator) will meet with Parents and the class teacher in order to develop an individual programme of work suitable for the child's needs, ensuring that appropriate targets for learning are set.

Parents are continually involved when we work with a child who we feel would benefit from extra interventions and support. We are committed to inclusion and are a Dyslexic Friendly School. We call upon the support of the Local Authority's Special Educational Needs Service, Psychological Service and Specialist Support Service where appropriate to assist pupils with any Special Educational and Disability Needs. The Governors of the school monitor our Special Educational and Disability provision very carefully through one of the committees of our Governing Body.

Very Able and Gifted children may also need special provision. Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that such children are offered a curriculum relevant to their needs and are suitably challenged in their learning.

If you have any queries regarding S.E.N.D. please do not hesitate to contact our school SENDCo, Mrs Becky Ball on 01543 278595, Email: or the school nurse, on 01543 478030.

Use the following link for further information regarding Staffordshire County Council S.E.N.D procedures -