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SEND Information Report

Jerome Primary School SEND Information Report

The SEND Information Report was first introduced in the Green Paper (March 2011) as a local offer of all services available to support disabled children and children with SEND and their families. It will let parents/ carers and young people know how a school or college will support them. At Jerome Primary School we are continually looking to improve provision for our pupils.

This guidance complies with the statutory duty described in Special Educational and Disability Needs (information) Regulations (Clause 64) and takes account of:
  • The SEND Code of Practice (which takes account of the SEND provisions of the SEN and Disability Act April 2014)
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Children and Families Act 2014
  • Advice provided to Staffordshire schools on producing their School’s local/core offer

 Jerome Primary School 

The S.E.N.D Information Report
(doc file)