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Wrap Around Care @ Jerome

Before and After School Club

Before School Club - 8:00 until 8:45 – £3.00 per session

Can I book my child a breakfast at school?

  • Breakfast (cereal and juice/ milk) can be purchased for an additional 50p per day.

After School Club – 3.15 until 6.00pm

£3.50 - 3.15pm - 4.15pm - activity session

£3.50 - 4.15pm - 5.15pm - extended care option 1

£5.50 - 4.15pm - 6pm - extended care option 2

£9.00 - 3.15pm - 6pm - whole session

Can I book my child an evening meal at school?

  • £2.10 for a ‘Grab Bag’ containing sandwiches, fruit and a pudding with a drink.
  • 50p for a snack consisting of a piece of fruit, a biscuit and a drink of squash.
  • You are welcome to send your child with snacks/sandwiches to eat during the session.

Booking information can be found below.

Please do contact Mrs Taylor or Mrs Sarginson if you have any specific requests or requirements as we will always to our best to meet all needs in the best possible way.

Nursery Provision

An afternoon session can be booked for all of our Nursery children.

Lunch and Afternoon session for Jerome Nursery children - 11.45 until 3:15 –

£9.00 per session

Can I book my child lunch at school?

  • £2.10 for a school dinner/sandwiches. Unfortunately Nursery children do not qualify for a free school meal.
  • You are welcome to send your child with a packed lunch.

Provision for 3 year olds

We are also offering an afternoon session for children who are 3 years old, subject to availability of places.

As soon as your child has turned 3 you may pay for them to attend our afternoon session.

Afternoon session for children from 3yrs of age- 12.15 until 3.15 – £9.00

From the term after your child turns 3 they may qualify for afternoon sessions free of charge if they are not attending any other provision. If you would like to apply for a free afternoon place for your child you must make contact with school 10 weeks prior to your child’s start date as paperwork will need to be completed and an application made to the Local Authority. We would therefore recommend that you follow the following time line –

If your child turns 3yrs old between September and December and you require a place from January please contact Mrs Taylor by the end of September.

If your child turns 3yrs old between January and March and you require a place from April please contact Mrs Taylor in January.

If your child turns 3yrs old between April and August they will start our normal Nursery provision in September.

Booking and Paying for Sessions

Sessions are now booked using the school SQuid system unless you are paying using Childcare Vouchers. If you wish to pay using Childcare Vouchers please contact Mr Darkes for a booking form -

Activity Session - Information


Childcare Vouchers –

Please contact your voucher scheme to register us as a provider. You may need the following details –
Jerome Primary School
Post code - WS11 9TP
Reference – 236978
Email –
Telephone – 01543 278595