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In order to ensure all children are able to continue their learning during the school closure, class work folders have been set up for all year groups. Please use the drop down menu under 'Class Work' to select your child's year group.

Teachers will update work regularly, numbering items as they are added so that you can keep track of what you have and have not accessed. A dedicated email address has been set up for each class - detailed on the year group page. You can use this email address to contact class teachers with question and queries, and to submit work. Please be aware that teachers will not be able to mark and comment on all work submitted, but they will respond with advice and support as and when it is requested, or if it is felt it will support the child to move forward with their learning.

We are aware that not all families will have the ability to print work at home, or have a computer to complete work on. With this in mind teachers will ensure that there is a range of work uploaded. They will use the following codes so that you are able to identify work most suitable to your situation;

P - this work needs to be printed in order to be completed.
O - this work can be completed online, on a tablet or smart device. It may involve accessing a website.
C - this work is suitable for completion on a computer.
R - you can read this task online, even on a mobile phone, and complete it in the exercise book provided, or using other materials in your home.

After Easter a new 'Quick Access' file will become active for Y1-6, found on the class page. This file can be used by all, but is aimed at families with limited access to the internet - for example, a mobile phone only. In this folder each class teacher will place one document each week, labelled by date. This one document will give you a set week of Maths, English and Creative work, which the children can quickly read, or you can read to them. Limiting the access needed to the device or the internet.

Work completed during the closure can be returned to school once we re-open or submitted using the email address provided. Teachers will ensure all work is logged as coverage and assessment evidence for your child.

Please do remember that, whilst this learning is available, children can learn in so many ways - cooking, playing board games, sharing a book and much more! Staying safe and healthy is the priority for all at this time, so please do not put any pressure on yourselves, or your children, to complete a set amount of work each day.