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Hello everyone! Mrs MacMurray and I are really looking forward to all being back together on Friday! I hope everyone is okay! If you need anything at all, or just to keep me posted on what you have been up to please email me on 

Home Learning for Tuesday 24th November

My Youtube Channel-

General Monday video-

How to use Busy Things video-

Ingredients needed if you want to join in with Mrs MacMurray's cooking videos later this week:

Banana Flapjacks-Oats, bananas, butter, honey or golden syrup, dates or dried mixed fruits, cinnamon spice (optional).

Mini Pizzas- Wholewheat pittas or tortilla wraps, tomato puree or pesto, any toppings e.g cheese, peppers, ham etc.

Please do not go out to the shops to get these items! Have a look what you have already in your house or if you are having a shopping or food delivery maybe add on a few items. 


Please click on the video that links to your child's current Phonics group. If you are unsure it is in their Reading record but feel free to watch any of the videos!

Set 1 sounds video for all children Tuesday-

Mrs MacMurray's Phonics group Tuesday-

Pre-Ditties group Tuesday-

Ditties group Tuesday-

Ditty story pages and Pre Ditty online stories are in the files at the bottom of this page.


Literacy Activity video recommended for everybody Tuesday


Maths Activity video recommended for everybody Tuesday

Vote for a story

The winning story is ‘It’s my birthday!’ with 12 votes! Watch it here-

The next vote is now open the choices are: Harry Maclary and Zachary Quack by Lynley Dodd or Can you not sleep, Little Bear? By Martin Waddell. I will close the vote at the end of Wednesday and post the winning story on Thursday! Vote by clicking here-


Lots of you have messaged me about our Virtual Nativity! We are SO excited!

If you have lines, please practise them at home and I will put the lyrics and songs in a folder at the bottom of this page.


Extra learning challenges for at home:

Fine Motor- Try the hand workout with Nancy on Youtube

Gross Motor/Fitness- Try the Joe Wicks workouts on Youtube or have yourself a dance party!

Literacy- Practise your pre-cursive writing for your name or any sounds/letters

Maths- Practise your numbers 1-20 and accurate counting of objects

Our favourite way to learn is through play! Play with what you have at home and on Busy Things.

I hope this all makes sense and we continue having as much fun together through home learning and videos as we do in class!

If you need access to previous day's work the videos are saved on the Youtube channel, please email me if you have missed any activities.

Take care,

Mrs Halliwell and Mrs MacMurray 


Email -