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Read Write Inc.: Fred the Frog - Toy (READ WRITE INC PHONICS): Miskin, Ruth: 9780199116546: Books

At Jerome Primary School we teach phonics, reading and early writing through our Read Write Inc programme in Nursery, Reception and Year 1.  Please find attached useful documents for supporting your child with RWI at home. Information regarding the Virtual RWI workshop for Parents will be posted here. The session will take place before the end of the Autumn Term (Christmas).

Expectations at the end of each year group:

Expected Progress and above expected progress
(pdf file)
(pdf file)

Teaching Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds:

Speed Sounds are sounds and the letter, or groups of letters, to represent them. These are taught in three sets: Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3. 

Speedy Green Words resources:

Speedy Green Words are high frequency words found in lots of stories. These words are always taught first by sound-blending. Children then practise reading the words at speed so they can read the stories without sounding out each word. Children’s effort can then go into comprehending the story.